Tired of Going to the DMV?

Let us help you with your:

  • Initial Title and Registration
  • State Title Transfer
  • Replacement Lost or Stolen Title
  • Renewal Processing with Automatic Reminders
  • Customized License Plates

Who are we and why use us?

What is DMV-Less?

DMV-Less processes Department of Motor Vehicle transactions in all fifty states. We can do anything at the DMV except deal with your Driver's License.

Don't Miss Work

DMV hours almost always conflict with our daily work routine. DMV-Less allows us to deal with the DMV in our own time. 

No More Lines

Are you a fan of waiting in lines? We are! 

With DMV-Less you can step out of the line and spend more time on important things. 

The End of Paper Forms

We know how annoying it can be to have to fill out confusing forms especially when the price for messing it up is the back of the line. Forget those forms! 

Skip the DMV

Everyone knows that the DMV is a hassle to deal with. Let us manage that hassle for you leaving the DMV out of your life. 

Our Three Step Process

Place an Order


Let us know what you need done. We then let you know exactly what we need from you to move forward.

Send Documentation


We clearly outline the documentation and information we'll need and you simply mail it directly to us. 



Relax knowing that the DMV is out of your life and we are processing your work and mailing it directly to your door.

Think you might be interested?

Let us know and we will reach out to you personally in one business day.