Frequently Asked Questions

I really don't have to go to the DMV ever again?

Almost. DMV-Less can process a wide range of transactions including state transfers for titles and registrations, replacing lost titles, and helping with newly purchased vehicle title and registration.

However, while we can do most of the work you would ever need done at the DMV processes like getting you a new Driver's License is impossible because you need to be there to take the picture. 

How do you do work on my behalf?

To be able to process work for you we will provide you with a document called a Power of Attorney (POA). Signing this document will allow us the ability to legally act on your behalf processing anything you need done at DMVs across the country.

Do I need to get the forms and mail them to you?

Absolutely not. Once you have contacted us letting us know what you need we will respond with a checklist of documents that we need from you. This for example could be your physical title and a copy of your driver's license. The title we would need mailed to us while the driver's license could be an emailed picture. 

I recently moved. Is there something I need to do at the DMV?

Yes. Every time that you move you need to let the DMV know so that they can update your title and registration. An invalid title can make it difficult when you go to sell your car and an invalid registration can give you trouble with the police.

If you are moving within the same state we can simply do an address change. If you move to another state we can process a state transfer for you easing that big move. 

Besides it being mandated by the state it is a good idea to have all of your information up to date so that you don't have to worry about anything going wrong. 

Can I purchase the service for someone else?

How thoughtful of you! 

Yes you can, however we will need their official documentation as well as their signature on the Power of Attorney (POA) allowing us to do the work for them. 

What does the service cost?

We will let you know exactly what our pricing will be when you put in an order. Different states and  transactions require varying things to be done. We are transparent with our pricing and will show you clearly what everything costs. 

What You Pay = Our Processing Fee + DMV Fees + Applicable Taxes