How does DMV-Less Work?


First Step - Making an Order

Place an order on our Order Here page filling out information about you and your vehicle. Giving as much info/documentation as possible allows us to to the best work for you. 

Then you simply wait for us to get back to you with any supplementary information we need along with the DMV fees and estimated property/sales tax. 


Next Steps - Payment and Documentation

After receiving your order we get back to you with the next steps invluding an invoice for the DMV fees and estimated taxes, as well as any hardcopies we may need. While we require funds for the estimated taxes we refund any extra we may have taken. 

To process work the DMV requires a signed and notarized Power of Attorney (POA) allowing us the authority to legally to do the work for you. This requirement protects you from various types of fraudulent activity. Notarization can easily be done at your local bank or a UPS store when shipping us your package. 


Final Step - Relax

Once you have sent us all of the necessary documentation and paid the invoice you are off the clock. You can relax knowing that the DMV is out of your life and we are taking care of it for you. 

We will be working behind the scenes to process your work in an efficient and secure fashion consistently finding the best ways to get the DMV out of your life.